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Site Reliability Engineer

Published date 3 weeks ago
Posted: 3 weeks ago
Company Yousician
Company: Yousician
Location Helsinki
Location: Helsinki

At Yousician, our job is to reimagine music education, so everyone can play. We’ve built an amazing team of creative, passionate, and independent people, all working together to help millions of musicians learn, play, reach their goals, and have fun. If this sounds like the right mission for you, you’re in the right place!

Why you should apply

As an SRE, you’ll have a unique opportunity to profoundly impact the lives of hundreds of millions of future musicians worldwide and re-imagine the way music education works. 

You will be part of our SRE -team, which in these times means you wouldn’t just work on “an assembly line” doing the same thing over and over again. We’ve got our hands deep in the mud with Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Mongo, Jenkins pipelines, and Bazel - you won’t run out of relevant things to learn. We’re currently in the process of making a switch to an IaaC process. 

We strive to automate repetitive manual labour and distribute interesting and less interesting tasks among the team fairly. People have strengths and interests in different areas, but we’d like everyone to have a good grasp on the different parts of the whole area we’re working on.

The SRE team operates under the umbrella of “Services” at Yousician. We don’t only need to build infrastructure to support our customers, but our infrastructure has to serve the ever-growing needs of our product teams.

Our team is small and we prefer discussing things openly and deciding on consensus instead of hierarchy. Voicing your opinions and listening to others is a skill you need.

What you'll do

  • You’d be working with the AWS platform, Linux servers, Fabric tasks (maybe Ansible in the future), Docker images, Terraform provisioning definitions, and Kubernetes (AWS EKS) in dev, staging, and production clusters to build/migrate/maintain/optimize infrastructure for our services.
  • Our backend services are mostly Python with the main API built on Flask. Our API architecture is relatively flat and modular. You’d be comfortable enough with the backend code to make required changes and troubleshoot problems, but we’re not expecting you to be an ace Python developer.
  • We use Jenkins as our CI, with most of the pipelines written in Groovy. You’d work on making sure our dev, staging, and production pipelines are stable and fast.
  • Our monitoring uses components like filebeat, Redis, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Grafana, Prometheus, AWS CloudWatch, and some home-baked custom solutions.
  • Our main database is MongoDB. You’d be comfortable making changes to dev and production alike.
  • You’d be part of an alert rotation schedule, wherein you’d be expected to be responsible for responding to alerts one week each month.

Who you are

  • Above all, we’re looking for a team player who is nice to work with. Every day we learn and grow, so patience and humbleness is required.
  • Containerization experience (Docker), IaaC (Terraform, CloudFormation, or similar) experience, and container orchestration (Kubernetes, or similar) experience are things we’re looking for.
  • Experience with Python scripting or Ruby or similar is preferred.
  • CI experience, AWS or Google Cloud/Azure/OpenStack experience is appreciated. 
  • Nice-to-haves: Experience with Jenkins, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Prometheus, API design, Ansible.

What we offer

  • You'll have a meaningful and profound impact on the lives of millions of musicians and future musicians all around the world.
  • You'll get a competitive compensation package - salary, stock options, crazy perks - and work in an awesome new office in the heart of Helsinki.
  • We have lots of perks and quirks: jam sessions (with more instruments than you can shake a drumstick at!), board game tournaments and sauna evenings, and our famous Greece, Thailand, Tenerife, Bali and Curacao work-retreats.