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Professor in Nursing Science

Published date 5 months ago
Posted: 5 months ago
Company University of Oulu
Company: University of Oulu
End date Jan. 15, 2020
Due date: Jan. 15, 2020
Location Oulu
Location: Oulu

The University of Oulu (UO) is an international scientific community, with 16 000 students and approximately 3 000 employees. The strengths of the University are wide multidisciplinary study/research interests, modern research, study environment, and good cooperation with international educational and research institutes. UO has newly decided upon its focus areas of research 

The following job is open in the University of Oulu

Professor in Nursing Science

Job Description and Location:

The position concerned is a Professorship in Nursing Science, especially in Health Promotion of Population. It belongs to the Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu.

Responsibilities, Required Qualifications and Language Skills:

The professor will be dynamic individual who provides vision, leadership, and guidance in the field of Nursing Science both research and education, especially in Health Promotion of Population. The professor is responsible for developing teaching and research in Nursing Science. The nominated person to the post is expected to develop co-operation with parties acting in the University of Oulu, in other Finnish universities, in the municipal health service sector and with international parties.

When assessing the applicant’s merits, issues taken into consideration include scientific publications and other research achievements, teaching experience and pedagogical training as well as the skill to create teaching material and other teaching merits. In addition to this, the merits that will be taken into consideration are the applicant’s activity in the scientific community, practical familiarity with the field concerned, and success in acquiring supplementary funding, scientific work abroad and other international activities.

The teaching language at the University of Oulu is Finnish. Teaching in English is also possible.

Selection Procedure

Applications, together with all relevant enclosures, should be submitted using electronic application form by January 15th, 2020.

1)      Curriculum vitae written in English

2)      List of publications classified as follows:

 A. Peer-reviewed scientific articles

Original journal articles, review articles, literature reviews, systematic reviews, sections and chapters in scientific books and conference proceedings etc.

B. Non-refereed scientific articles

Non-refereed journal articles, book sections and non-refereed conference proceedings etc.

C. Publications intended for professional communities

Articles in trade journal, articles in professional manuals or guides, textbook materials, professional conference proceedings, published development or research reports etc.

D. Patents and invention disclosures

At most ten (10) publications to the referees for assessment and to be taken into consideration upon evaluation of the eligibility and scientific merits. The applicant is required to indicate these 10 publications within his/her list of publication (* or color coding).

3) Teaching merits of relevance to the position concerned are requested to be

present in the form of a teaching portfolio, or a comparable document.

  • Teaching philosophy, teaching strategies and methods
  • Teacher’s self-reflection on his/her teaching style, a personal background idea of teaching; how are these reflected in teaching?
  • A description of oneself as a teacher and an implementer of educational work
  • Practical experience in teaching and efforts to improve teaching
  • Description of educational material (curricula, handouts, assignments, workbooks)
  • Professional development as a teacher
  • Evaluation from teaching (student evaluations, peer evaluations, awards and assessed test lectures)
  • Plans for future directions of teaching in the discipline concerned

4) Brief research action plan in English with a special emphasis on how the plan benefits the above-mentioned focus areas of the faculty and university (max 3 pages).

Reviewer Assessment

The dean will nominate a recruiting committee to take care of the evaluation process. As proposed by the recruiting committee the research council of the university has appointed minimum two reviewers to be consulted regarding the selection process.

Interview and proposal by the recruitment committee

The recruiting committee analyses the reviewers´ evaluations, interviews the suitable candidates and makes the proposal for appointment.


The salary will be based on the levels 8 – 10 of the demand level chart for teaching and research personnel of the salary system of Finnish Universities. In addition to the basic salary, supplementary salary will be given for personal achievement and performance, the sum rising to a maximum of 50 % of the basic salary level for the post.

Official Employment

Based on the proposal by the recruiting committee the dean will make her proposition to the vice rector for research, who in turn will make the nomination to the post.

Contact information

For further information regarding filling of this post:

Anne Remes, Dean
Faculty of Medicine   
University of Oulu                                    
P.O.Box 5000 
FIN - 90014 University of Oulu
tel +358-40-5330090
e-mail: anne.remes(at)

Tiina Hurskainen, HR Manager
Faculty of Medicine   
University of Oulu                                                          
P.O.Box 5000
FIN - 90014 Oulu University
email: tiina.hurskainen(at)
tel.  +358-40-7040270

Basic regulations

University Law (558/2009) and Statute (770/2009); University of Oulu administration rules and regulations (23.11.2015