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Senior Software Developer

Published date 3 weeks ago
Posted: 3 weeks ago
Company Wärtsilä
Company: Wärtsilä
End date April 16, 2024
Due date: April 16, 2024
Location Helsinki
Location: Helsinki

Wärtsilä is a world leader in marine technology and leading the industry's transformation towards a decarbonised and sustainable future. With the world’s widest portfolio and service network, we – Wärtsilians - deliver efficient, safe and sustainable integrated products and solutions to enhance the business of our customers. The opportunities presented through digitalisation and new technologies are offering a new era of shipping. Did you know that shipping is the world’s most efficient mode of transportation and that approximately 90% of world trade is carried by sea?

We want to change the course towards an interconnected and cleaner maritime future and are constantly on the lookout for future-oriented talent to join our team and to work towards enabling sustainable societies through innovation in technology and services - together. Are you ready to jump onboard?

A safer, low-carbon shipping industry is underpinned by data sharing. We at Voyage are creating the digital infrastructure needed to enable high-performing maritime logistics. Through our world-leading Smart Marine portfolio, we support our customers in their efforts to ensure secure, highly energy-efficient and cost-effective marine operations. Wärtsilä is on a mission to enable sustainable societies with smart technology. As we change course towards a cleaner, smarter maritime future, we’re looking for top talent to join our team.

We are now looking for a Senior Software Developer to join our Helsinki-based platform team at Wärtsilä Voyage. The preferred location for the position is in Helsinki, Finland but also other locations in nearby time zones are possible.

Your role and responsibilities

As an infrastructure team, we are responsible for processing maritime data and providing tools and expertise to teams working on customer-facing applications like the Fleet Operations Solution. By helping our customers save fuel we help decarbonize the marine industry.

As a software developer, your work will focus on these responsibilities together with your teammates:

  • Proactively interacting with stakeholders to figure out requirements
  • Implementing features to our existing Python-based services and tools
  • Debugging and solving production service issues
  • Closely working with data ops engineers in our team to smooth the delivery of statistical models and data to our customers
  • Supporting developers, data scientists and analysts in other teams using our platform

In addition to these main responsibilities, the role can include anything else you would like to do in the team. Want to develop application monitoring, metrics and logging? You can. Want to improve team Agile ways of working? You can. Interested in Kalman filters and Gaussian processes? All the better. Or do you just want to concentrate on the core development competencies? Great! You'll be working with a group of six or more developers and data engineers on various projects requiring programming skills mostly related to Python.

To be successful in this role, we expect you to:

  • Express yourself clearly and have a good command of both written and spoken English
  • Have good habits of maintaining and creating useful documentation
  • Be curious and willing to learn
  • Be an experienced Python developer with core competencies including Linux
  • Operating systems, containers, and automated testing

It’s a plus if you:

  • Are an open-source contributor
  • Understand the maritime business
  • Are competent with some of the following: Scientific Python ecosystem, dealing with time-series data, dataflow computing, Kubernetes, CI / DevOps
  • Find it motivating to modernize our existing data-processing stack

Tech stack

  • Python based dataflow framework using Scientific Python stack enriching telemetry from oceangoing vessels with models written by data scientists and other teams
  • Timeseries databases, weather forecasts, sailed vessels routes and other sources that might enrich the measured data integrated via their respective http/message queue apis
  • Workloads running on Kubernetes clusters in the cloud and on the edge. Metacontroller framework used to implement custom controller for managing dependencies in our own CRDs

Why you and us?

We take pride in our culture and community. Our team is one of nine teams part of the Wärtsilä Marine Voyage Services R&D Optimization release train. In our organization a team is the smallest unit of operation. We set our team goals, define our ways of working, and have a say in the tools we use in our work. We are a self-organized team of closely collaborating team members. Dailies, pair-coding, and code review, for example, are important ways we cooperate. We also have a gang of agile coaches available who we can ask for support in developing our everyday practices and teamwork.

Most of our team members have a developer or engineer background and our hobbies and interests include games of all sorts, sim racing, bouldering, books, circus, cooking, and, of course, sailing. If you enjoy these as well you should fit in just right!  And in case you have experiences and interests to add to the list, even better! Our working language is English, but you'll find folks to chat also in Dutch, Chinese, Finnish, and Swedish to name a few.

Our working culture is flexible and based on trust. We appreciate people having different life situations and styles and believe that work should adapt to our personal lives and not the other way around. We have always supported the possibility to work remotely and expect people to manage their own work responsibly. It's important for us that you find this team as a place to grow and develop your career aspirations in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Contact & next steps  
Please submit your application before the application deadline 16th of April 2024 through our Careers portal. Applications through email will not be considered. After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email.
In case of any questions regarding the position, reach out to: 
Joris van Agtmaal 

Lead Data Science

Last application date: 16/04/2024 

At Wärtsilä we value, respect and embrace all our differences, and are committed to diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunities; everyone can be their true self and succeed based on their job-relevant merits and abilities. 

All new Wärtsilä employees in Finland will attend occupational health checks, including drug tests/screenings. The country's legislation is followed when a person is located outside of Finland.

This is Wärtsilä 

Wärtsilä is a global leader in innovative technologies and lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. Our team of 17,800 professionals, in more than 280 locations in 79 countries, shape the decarbonisation transformation of our industries across the globe. Read more on