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Full Stack Developer

Published date more than one year ago
Posted: more than one year ago
Company Efecte Oyj
Company: Efecte Oyj

We at Efecte believe awesome software can be designed, developed, and operated in Europe. Efecte helps organizations digitalize and automate their services and with over 300 customer implementations so far, we’ve impacted hundreds of thousands of end-users every-day work. We believe in building lasting relationships with all our customers and end-user experience is in the core of all that we do.

Are you looking for the next adventure in your career and want to be part of ours? Look no more, join our R&D team as a Full-Stack Developer!

You will be developing top-notch products in an environment that promotes constant self-improving and sharing ideas with colleagues through teamwork. We at Efecte are a small team of professionals operating in a highly competitive market, but this does not stop us from growing 20+% annually. In fact, we believe that by focusing on customer experience and being agile (as in Agile, not cowboy) it is possible to challenge the global goliaths.  

Here are some practicalities that would definitely help you in succeeding in this role:

  • Some 5+ years’ experience in being a hands-on full-stack developer with solid understanding of how to build apps that scale
  • Love for creating delightful web apps. You know how to build from ground up a robust backend in Java and a smooth single-page app in Angular
  • Knowing what it takes to have your client talk with a back-end over a REST API, and create one when needed
  • You know how to minify, bundle, and Dockerize your app for deployment and are not afraid of troubleshooting in the production
  • Relational databases are your favorite tools for structured data and you use NoSQL and queues when they are best tools for the job. We currently use PostgreSQL through Hibernate, Elasticsearch, Consul and RabbitMQ to name a few
  • PostgreSQL performance optimization and query fine tuning
  • Java and Hibernate application performance optimization and troubleshooting
  • Familiarity with agile software development processes and ITIL will get you onboarded into Efecte world even quicker. We use Kanban internally for development and many of our customers use ITIL.
  • Appreciating and practicing good communication. You are fluent at least in English, Finnish or Polish is a plus

To get a better idea on what it’s like to be part of our R&D team, check these comments from potential future colleagues, as our developers Juha and Karol share their views on their job:

Juha: “I'm proud to work at Efecte with multicultural and diverse group of professional developers. We're geographically co-located on Europe and Finland and our work is very efficient still. I'm able to use best tools available and also hardware including laptops and servers are excellent. Although ITSM is not as sexy as developing games, I'm excited to see how our tools enable our customers to improve their business.”

Karol: I never suspected that you can be thrilled in the morning starting your workday, but I am! Given freedom in our daily work decisions and great number of best tools it's a real pleasure to work here. I like the people and the company culture. I can decide, so I can develop me and my career. That said we have great potential to deliver to customers best software and we are doing it.”

At the end of the day, the technology is nothing but a means to an end. Your passion to build products that last and be part of a winning team is what counts!

The role is based in Espoo, Finland - we like to work both at the office as well as remotely depending on the day. If you have anything to ask concerning this position, our CTO Topias Marttila ( is happy to help!

We’re Efecte

We are a team of 100+ professionals with more than 10 nationalities. Customers leverage Efecte’s software to flexibly manage a range of internal and external service processes, in areas such as IT, HR, customer service and identity and access rights management. We love services, and our mission is to perfect them!

Our strong culture is built on our core values: Trust, Challenge, Respect and Make it Happen and customer success is top priority for us. We care about our people, and the work we do. We want to empower you to become a better version of yourself and to have more impact on the world. To us it is important to do things right, not just the right things and happily welcome people who love learning and are engaged with their head and heart!

If you get good vibes after reading all the above, we would love to hear from you!

Please apply via “Quick Apply” to show your interest and tell us a bit about your career background and why you are motivated to become part of our Efecte-team.