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Wizards, Mages and Apprentices

Published date more than one year ago
Posted: more than one year ago
Company F-Secure
Company: F-Secure
Location Oulu
Location: Oulu

Fancy going on an adventure? Our guild needs adventurous developers just like you to join the greater cause!

WithSecure™ protects businesses all over the realms from chaotic evil monsters to other insidious threats. Every single day our growing party of adventurers fights against evil - online extortion, threats to national infrastructure, the unlawful spread of sensitive information and everything in-between.

Be it you’re a highly experienced Grand Wizard or just starting to find your way in the art of magic, WithSecure Oulu is looking for you to join! We have a great variety of quests available where you can use your own skills to really contribute to protecting the world. We are a guild of dedicated and passionate professionals that take workplace happiness seriously. If you’re looking for something that’s more than just a grind, click "I'm interested" and let’s proceed with the quest.

In WithSecure Oulu, we are developing future-proof, scalable and intelligent security capabilities that enable us to prevent our customers from experiencing a serious loss from a cyber-attack.

Using our magic, we provide:

  • Web applications for customers and partners to help them fight cyber attacks

  • Native OS protection, including real-time URL and file scanning for malicious content

  • World-class sensors for advanced and actionable cyber information collection with cost and resource efficiency

  • Near real time data processing platform with cutting edge machine learning capabilities

  • Integration to major cloud provider’s platforms data and services to detect known malicious behavior

Our guild offers quests with

  • Designing, developing, architecting and operating native OS clients, web applications or backend systems

Our guild is looking for

  • Expertise on your own area of magic - for example: AWS, Python, NodeJS, Java, Vue.js, GraphQL and REST APIs, C++, Objective C, Swift, Go, Scala, Azure, Kubernetes, Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, DevOps, CI/CD

What’s in it for me?

  • Real meaning for your work, make an impact and help to protect organizations and businesses from cyber threats
  • Use of the most modern cloud-based technologies
  • Use of the most modern ways of working incl. well-established remote and hybrid working culture in a highly international environment
  • Work with highly scalable systems that process billions of events per day as well as serverless REST & GraphQL APIs
  • Something new to learn, even after months and years! Seasoned guildmembers even claim to never having had a boring day!
  • Extensive fringe benefits including but not limited to: Mehiläinen healthcare, massage, Epassi (lunch, sport and cultural benefits), mobile phone (up to 1000€), snacks and free/subsidized drinks in the office, breakfast on Mondays (yes, you can have bacon), bicycle (up to 2400€ every two year), free parking in warm parking area (in Oulu city center), high security bicycle storage and magic potions (terms and conditions may apply)

Oh yes, we’re gamers and nerds too – if that wasn’t obvious!