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A doctoral researcher (PhD student)/ postdoctoral researcher position in wastewater treatment and photobioreactor operation

Published date more than one year ago
Posted: more than one year ago
Company University of Turku
Company: University of Turku
End date June 14, 2023
Due date: June 14, 2023
Location Turku
Location: Turku

The Photosynthetic Microbes research group based in the Department of Life Technologies of the University of Turku is looking for a talented and motivated doctoral student (doctoral researcher) / postdoctoral researcher to join our international and dynamic team. The University of Turku is Finland’s second largest multidisciplinary university, with an active academic community of around 25 000 students and employees working within 7 faculties and 3 independent units. The Photosynthetic Microbes group, led by Prof. Y. Allahverdiyeva, focuses on both the fundamental aspects of photosynthesis and applied photosynthesis, studying water remediation, biofuels and chemicals production from cyanobacteria and microalgae. The group is currently participating in several EU, Nordic, and national projects. You can learn more about us here:, Tweeter: @PhotoMicrobes.

Project description

Using algae in wastewater treatment provides a sustainable and clean solution, while also adding value to the process through biomass production and nutrient recovery. The successful applicant will be involved in the REALM EU Horizon Europe Innovation Action project, which aims to develop a pilot-scale wastewater treatment system for agricultural drain water and nutrient recovery. For more information, please visit: .

The successful applicant will operate a pilot-scale algae cultivation in PBR (in semi-continuous/continuous mode), create operational scenarios by experimenting different parameters to achieve maximum nutrient recovery and (daily) biomass accumulation, as well as characterizing the produced algal biomass for valorization.

A successful applicant will be part of the Doctoral Program in Technology in the case of a doctoral researcher. For more information visit

Competences needed

For the doctoral researcher position, the applicant should hold a MSc in environmental science, plant science, chemical/environmental engineering, biotechnology, biochemistry or related fields. For the postdoctoral researcher position, a PhD degree in the same or related fields is required. Prior experience in algal research, wastewater treatment, reactor operation, analytical and extraction techniques will be an advantage.

A demonstrated knowledge of written and spoken English is required.

The position will start on 01.07.2023, although the starting date can be negotiated. The position is for a period of 36 months, and there will be a trial period of 6 months.


The qualification requirements of the positions are stated in the University of Turku Rules of Procedure: 

A person selected for the position of doctoral researcher (student) is required to have a higher university degree. In addition, when acquiring their degree or otherwise, a doctoral researcher is required to have demonstrated the ability and motivation to undertake postgraduate studies and the capacity to complete a doctoral degree in accordance with the research plan. A person selected for the post of postdoctoral researcher is required to have a doctoral degree and the ability to do independent scientific work.

If you are applying for a doctoral researcher position, you will apply for the study rights for doctoral studies at the University of Turku (in this case Autumn 2023). Thus, please check the student information and application criteria.

NOTE, for doctoral candidate positions, when applying to the University of Turku graduate school, you must have good English language skills and a certificate that proves those skills.

Practical details:

Please submit your application using the online application system by 14.6.2023 at the latest.

The successful applicant will belong to UTU research personnel. The salary is determined by the collective agreement system of Finnish universities. Salaried positions in Finland automatically include payments to a pension fund, unemployment funds, a good occupational healthcare and even a holiday allowance.

For practical matters concerning the application process please contact biocityhrservices(at)

University of Turku reserves the right for justified reasons to leave the position open, to extend the application period, reopen the application process, and to consider candidates who have not submitted applications during the application period. 


  • (1) Letter of motivation (max 1 page)
  • (2) CV (max 2 page)
  • (3) Degree certificates and academic transcripts (please DO NOT attach your publications, or thesis)
  • (4) Contact details of at least two referees
  • (5) Verification of language proficiency. Not mandatory, but If you already have one include it in the application. NOTE, for doctoral candidate positions, when applying to the University of Turku graduate school, you must have good English language skills and a certificate that proves those skills. See the list of accepted International English language tests here.

We value equality and diversity in our work community and encourage qualified applicants, regardless of background, to apply for our open positions. 

Read more about us as an employer on the ''Come Work with Us!'' page.