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Three Innovative Entrepreneurs For The Biodesign Finland -Innovation Programme (Health-Technology Sector)

Published date a week ago
Posted: a week ago
Company Aalto University
Company: Aalto University
Location Espoo
Location: Espoo

We are looking for three innovative engineers, data scientists, designers, healthcare professionals and/or business graduates who want to become entrepreneurs and team leaders for the full-time, 10-month (1.8.2024 - 31.5.2025) Biodesign Finland programme, where you will lay the foundation for your own health technology company arising from the project.

The programme is organised by Aalto University School of Science (Aalto), University of Helsinki Faculty of Medicine (HY), Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), City of Helsinki (HKI) and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Metropolia).

Job description

The Biodesign Finland -programme is an innovation and training programme based on a method developed at Stanford University to create needs-based medical technologies (Yock et al., Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies 2nd Edition, Cambridge Univ. Press 2015;

The programme aims to develop technical research-based solutions suitable for commercialisation for the practical needs of hospitals and by creating new business activities. You will initially work as an innovation developer (in a healthcare environment) and grow into a team leader.

After the initial training, you will move on to observe the activities of the staff and the equipment used in the health care unit. The resulting observations are processed according to the Biodesign method, and from them to one need you will develop commercializable solutions. During the process, you will be supported by trainers and mentors working in the field. The observations concerning the immersion units will be further refined together with healthcare professionals, and innovation developer will try to find a solution for at least one of them. Typically, the team leader further refines the technological solution in a post-project research project and/or in a company established after the project.

What we expect from the applicant

We require the applicant to have suitable education (master's degree) and/or competence in engineering, data science (AI, machine learning, etc.), business, health care or design, written and oral skills in Finnish and English, teamwork skills, demonstrated leadership skills or the ability to do so, initiative, risk-taking ability, information retrieval skills and courage to commit to this demanding task. Working life experience after studies or previous entrepreneurship is considered an advantage. For the field study period of the health care unit, applicants are required to have a coronavirus vaccination certificate. Those selected for the position are expected to be willing and ready to become team leaders/entrepreneurs and commercialise the end result of the project, for example. through your future own company or an existing company. So far, many of those who have completed the program have started their own health technology companies. Read more on the Biodesign Finland programme website.


The salary of an innovation developer is 3300 €/month. Each team leader will be hired by one of the following organisations: Aalto University, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital. The terms of the employment contract are determined by the hiring organization. The innovation researcher training provided in the programme has been taken into account in the salary level, and no separate fee is charged for the training.


Please submit your application by 6.4.2024 via Aalto University's electronic recruitment system Workday by selecting "Apply Now"/"Apply Now" at the bottom of the page.

If you are an internal Aalto applicant, please apply using the internal application channel by first logging in to the Workday system (Workday -> Internal Jobs).

Attach to your application: (max. 5 attachments, max. 5mb/attachment)

  • motivation letter
  • CV, with up to three references
  • copies of degree certificates/diplomas
  • a list of possible patent applications and publications,

Application materials are also processed outside Aalto University, among representatives of all participating organisations.

Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, HUS and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences have the right, for justified reasons, not to fill the position, to extend the application period and, if they so wish, to consider candidates who have not applied for a position within the application period.

More info on

For more information on the position and tasks, please contact Salla Keränen ([email protected]), Assistant Prof. Heikki Nieminen ([email protected]).

For more information on matters related to the recruitment process, please contact HR Partner Jenni Ståhl ([email protected]).

The Biodesign Finland project is presented on the website The call for applications can also be found here:

Aalto University

Aalto University is a community of bold thinkers where science and art meet technology and business. Aalto University's main campus is located in Otaniemi, Espoo.

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is the largest university in Finland and one of the best in Europe. It is one of Aalto University's strategic partners in the development of biomedical technology, for example. The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki is among the absolute best in the world in many areas.


Helsinki University Hospital, located on the Meilahti campus, is an internationally high-quality university hospital that carries out significant scientific and clinical development work in addition to clinical services.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Metropolia is a bold innovator of expertise and a builder of a sustainable future. Metropolia invests in continuous learning, phenomenon-based innovation hubs, sustainable development and digitalisation.

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