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DevOps Engineer

Published date more than one year ago
Posted: more than one year ago
Company Intopalo Digital Oy
Company: Intopalo Digital Oy
Location Tampere
Location: Tampere

Are you capable of driving a change in the software development culture and processes?

Are you keen to have everyone in the project to work together towards a common goal to shorten software cycle times?

Intopalo Digital is looking for a true hands-on DevOps Engineer to join our customer projects. Your overarching mission is to improve the delivery of work from development to operations. You’ll continuously improve the delivery to customers, ensuring high, continuous codebase quality.

You are a person capable of discovering simple ways to solve complex problems. You are intimately familiar with the DevOps and have strong motivation to define and drive forward the change in the culture and processes. You have deep knowledge of the shortcomings of existing development and operation environments. You aim to perfect these by everlasting self-study and improvement.

So What’S The Gist?

You will be a passionate DevOps engineer with the lean flow mindset constructing and managing continuous deployment and integration pipelines to accelerate the development and operations of our customer projects. You will be making the feedback loops tight and sometimes also help in it by creating automated test suites for our applications and projects.

You will join our talented team of passionate people who act fast, take initiative, and express ideas but also listen to colleagues and customers - just like yourself!

What Do You Get?

We offer you an ultra-modern workplace with self-organizing teams and virtually non-existent hierarchy - an environment where DevOps really thrives. Our leadership-as-a-service model and newcomer buddy system are examples of the kind of peer support we provide. Our culture of freedom and equality is very special to us and, we believe, hard to find elsewhere.

We put a lot of weight behind growing as professionals. Everyone is encouraged to learn by taking on projects they are interested in and sharing insights from projects with each other. Naturally, you will also get to select the tools and technologies you prefer to work with.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Minimum 3 years of work experience in development and operations teams embracing and fostering Agile and DevOps practices
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies and solve complex multi-system problem scenarios
  • Ability to fit DevOps into perspective holistically and explaining the costs and benefits for the customer
  • Ability to be responsible for deliveries with great significance in customer projects, debug and solve problems in a timely manner with prompt communication
  • Knowledge of modern architectures and software development practices such as CI/CD, cloud technologies, web application and microservice architectures in general, virtualization and containerization, IaC and test automation
  • Understanding of computer networking
  • Demonstrable experience in programming and scripting
  • Demonstrable experience on setting up most relevant CI/CD tools and solutions

Ready To Roll?

Let us get to know you by telling us about your skills on frameworks & technologies you’ve worked with.

We’re here to help you grow as a professional. So please share your future desires and motivation factors with us and let’s see if we can match it!

If you have any questions about this job or Intopalo Digital as an employer, Harri Vuolle will be happy to tell you more at +358 50 480 2317.

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