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DevOps Engineer

Published date a month ago
Posted: a month ago
Company Iceye
Company: Iceye
Location Espoo
Location: Espoo


ICEYE is building the world’s largest constellation of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites. The satellites can take images at any time of day – even when it’s cloudy or dark – and those images will let our customers understand the world better and make more intelligent decisions. We launched the world’s first SAR microsatellite in January 2018 and currently operate a small constellation of SAR satellites.

We are a Finnish based international startup with employees from more than 25 countries and subsidiaries in the US, UK and Poland. Our team is a tight-knit group of experts from a range of areas including engineering, software development, and radar technology. We’re innovative, driven, and strive for excellence in everything we do. We don’t listen to people who say it can’t be done: we go and do it!

To support the growth of the company, we are now looking for a DevOps Engineer to work in one of our software teams based in our headquarters at Espoo, Finland.

We build and operate a growing number of internal and external software services whose purposes range from image ordering and order tracking to data processing and constellation optimization. As our software grows more complex, we want to make our deployments easier, faster and more reliable This requires work in our developer tools, the CI/CD systems, and the operation of the systems.

You will be working in a software development team of roughly five members. Your job is as a member of the team:

  • Develop automation for development, CI/CD and operation of the services built by the team
  • Help form the principles and policies of how we operate the systems in production
  • Help the other team members construct software that is easy to deploy, operate and maintain
  • Help improve and unify our devops practices across teams

Building an entirely new kind of a satellite constellation is not always easy, and our work requires a lot of experimentation and iteration. While the long-term goals remain the same, the short-term plans change often. Our software development teams follow agile principles and work on Scrum-style sprints.

We run our software in the cloud – we use AWS, but not exclusively. Parts of our infrastructure also run at ground stations or select customers’ premises. Our main development languages are Go, Python, Java and Javascript. We introduce new technologies to our stack as we progress and when it makes sense. You will have a lot of say on the choices we make.


  • Good generic software development skills with main-stream programming languages such as Java or Python.
  • Experience with automating most parts of the software service lifecycle (with example technologies): infrastructure provisioning (Terraform), containers (Docker), CI (Jenkins), CD (Spinnaker), orchestration (Kubernetes), service mesh (Istio), monitoring (Splunk, New Relic, Prometheus).
  • You understand that effective software development and smoothly running services are the fundamental building blocks for the company’s success. You want to build reliable well-working services and focus on this task specifically.


  • A job that matters – you will be responsible for building a critical part of our infrastructure that our customers around the world will rely on.
  • Unique experience and opportunity in aerospace industry, in a company that’s growing fast at a time when everything is possible.
  • Independent role with a supportive and international work environment, many who have moved to Finland just to join ICEYE.