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Our mission is to enable change and innovation in the fast-paced and quickly-changing industry that is financial technology, with technical excellence hardcoded into the company from the very beginning. We consider ourselves a hub and an integrator that help different companies in the payment industry to partner up.

At Enfuce Financial Services we offer all of our products and services “as a service”, which means that we use our existing infrastructure when we on-board new customers. We are fully compliant with no legacy, which makes us agile but at the same time reliable.

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Published date Posted a month ago

Innovating and creating new services to better serve our customers and to enable change in the payment industry is our core. To strengthen this, we are now building a new digital payment platform.  Along with the platform, we are building a new team for this project and now we are looking for a Java Backend Developer to join us. (Side note: if you would describe yourself more as a designer or a developer, we are still very much interested!) We believe that this is a great opportunity for you ...